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Abuba the Alien

Abuba the Alien needs your help to get back home!

Size: 4.26 MB
Rating: 85%
Favorited by 2 players


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 ● COMMENTS (31)
angrybirds 2016-01-09
Razesul 2014-09-04
Abuba, happy. Abuba go home, :). Play-it.
ziad48 2014-04-12
what a cute alien
cyber4 2012-11-29
is simple...abuba is sweer!
TheScareParade 2011-10-12
mann this game :/
CierraChampagn 2011-10-06
Abuba say tank yew :3 daww
Zlatkic 2011-06-19
Hard,but ok game :D
death 2011-03-18
its decent 2/5 would of got 3/5 out of 5 but abuba got annoying quick
anonymous 2010-04-09
this game is hard
anonymous 2010-03-28
To hard!!!!!!!!!!
anonymous 2010-03-28
I love this game . abuba the alien is simple. I like when abuba eats the pizza
anonymous 2010-03-27
anonymous 2010-03-25
great game just so short and they need to make like a second one or something and that one needs to be wayyyyyyyyyy longer and its just way to easy lol beat it in like 5 mins maybe less lol hahahahahaha
anonymous 2010-03-06
this game is so cooooooooooooooooool but it needs to be a bit longerr !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
anonymous 2010-03-01
abua thank u
anonymous 2010-02-27
this game isgreat i love it but its so easy and they need to make it longer!!!!!!!!
anonymous 2010-01-31
First get the needle from the garbage can. Then pick the lock on the shed and get the saw to cut the tree branch he's on. You'll be in a new area. Now click on the mailbox and get the milk. Fill up the dog's bowl. Click on the bush. Put the animal in the dog's bowl, too. Then click on the dog. He'll get hurt and retreat. Abuba will be stuck in a hole. Get the broken pipe and break the glass with the brick. Open the car back... thing and get the rope. Tie Abuba to the light. Then click the dumpster and it'll pull our alien friend up. Click on Abuba so that he swings around and you here a weird noise. Then cut the rope with the glass. Click on Abuba. "Abuba say thank yoooouuuuu" This is simple: click the box till it falls. Open the dumpster. Immediately put the pipe in the opening in the dumpster. throw the garbage on the street and open the pizza box. One slice left. Just enough for one little green alien. Feed Abuba the pizza. That gets you into the next area. Click on the note on the parking meter and click it again without the note. Get the coin that falls out. put it in the drink machine. Click the bottom button. Click the side of the machine to get out the drink. Give it to Abuba. You have to get him a straw. There's one in the garbage can. New area. Click on the umbrella handle. Click on the box and the hat. There'll be a shoe. Get the tree branch and the shoe lace. Tie the umbrella part to the tree branch and steal some clothing from the bin. Give it to Abuba. Move on. Click on the paper on the tree. Also click on that thing by the tree. get the pencil case and click on it again to shake out the pencil. Give it to Abuba. he'll draw something on the paper. Click on it when he's done. Then click on it again to get it out of your of face. He'll go on. Click on the box and get the hose. Put it on the satellite dish and the faucet. Turn on the water and it'll blow the dish off of the house and onto the wagon. Click on it. New place. Knock over the trash can and put the wood on top of it. Open the door to the phone booth. Put the brick on the wood and that'll knock down the big scissors. Click the phone. Cut the cord with the scissors. get the phone and click the wagon. Abuba will go ahead. Click the plug. Open the tool box. Get the screwdriver. Take out the nails on the box with the screwdriver. Open it up. click the little sections until they're one line. Pull the lever and the big light will fall in the wagon. Click the wagon. The End :)
anonymous 2010-01-13
how do i get him outta the tree? X_X;
anonymous 2010-01-04
how do u get him outta the tree D'=
anonymous 2009-12-03
he is so cute
anonymous 2009-11-08
dis weird do is just freaking mee da hell up =D
anonymous 2009-10-29
that game was hilarious and fun i loved that lil abuba so thanks creaters and keep swaggin abuba
anonymous 2009-10-19
anonymous 2009-10-12
how do i get him out of tree?
anonymous 2009-10-12
this game is good trying to get through the hard bits!!!!!!!!!!!
anonymous 2009-10-10
awwww ABUBA'S soooo georgeous!!!!!!!!!!dis game is soo cute!he lookz like a lil baby.....
anonymous 2009-10-09
Cool, Abuba is cute :3
anonymous 2009-10-05
Abuba is welcome ;)
anonymous 2009-10-02
good game but trying to find the little fiddley bits is hsrd
anonymous 2009-09-30
Aduba's scared!
anonymous 2009-09-29
nice, but aduba is really weird!!!!!

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