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Little Wheel

There was once a world of living robots. But one day a bad accident occured in the main power generator. The world fell into a deep sleep. Bring life back to the world! CONTROLS: Use your mouse.

Size: 9.21 MB
Rating: 82%
Favorited by 24 players

Tags: Adventure | Point and Click | Puzzle | Atmospheric | Cute | Mouse Only | Robot

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 ● COMMENTS (230)
lizayub 2014-10-12
Interesante, ingenioso y divertido.
chocinfo 2014-10-05
the backround is a bit boring and a tiny scary
angrybirds 2014-04-22
great . play it!!
ziad48 2014-04-17
how did the robot wake up from his deep sleep ?
robotrussell 2014-01-11
Its really fun i would give this 10 stars
ASTILLAS 2013-06-28
Amazing game but too short and easy. Graphics are very similar to world of goo. Very funny and original.
gio17 2013-05-04
The Story is heartwarming,the graphics are great,the colors,white,and yellow.and the robot is SO CUTE it will be always in my mind!
troyisgreat3 2013-02-02
The graphics are very well done, and the story Is okay. I love this game, for the smooth music I hear that I usually don't like, this I love somehow! Im not a fan of robots, but this cute little guy will always be In my mind!
aokavalas 2013-01-07
great game!!!!
dino1200 2012-12-29
I love this game
cyber4 2012-12-08
Easy game..and so fun...g0od game!
brcruzabegu 2012-11-02
geerdude 2012-08-30
LOVE the art direction! LOVE the mood/sentiment/feel of the game! LOVE the awesome but slightly cheesy music... still LOVE the game! "little wheel" is the little/small equivalent of LIMBO on xbla or psn... well, u get my drift LOL keep up the great work!
Shelby_Luo 2012-06-22
So the last scene tells us that the cute robot has been made the president?~~~:D
latrell 2012-06-21
A robot with a one wheel its difficult
smurffet 2012-04-12
how do u get past the first level i dont get what u do
Majipan 2012-03-05
This Game is so cute :D
cyndo 2012-02-05
how do you get past the part where you gotta match the pipes up at the same time???
Katuliki 2012-02-04
cyndo you are stupid, this game won MTW Game Awards
cyndo 2012-02-04
stupid game
Victor000 2012-01-24
easy game XD
FoolyCooly15 2012-01-21
U ppl suk cause i luv dis game
manzekboy12345 2011-11-26
baseballstar14 2011-05-28
this game is fun!!:D
Keiro 2011-05-06
darkemo 2011-02-04
this game would be better without the guide
dark_poison48 2010-11-12
hahahaha man this game the best
eldindrljevic 2010-06-12
Stupid circles!
anonymous 2010-04-23
omg, to easy -.-
anonymous 2010-04-22
cool game would be better without the circles showing where to click
anonymous 2010-04-12
very nice graphics
anonymous 2010-04-06
There should have been a 'hard' level where you don't get the little circle-guide
anonymous 2010-04-04
i cant do the bit where you have 2 join the spinning bits together
anonymous 2010-04-03
very nice game not the best i have played but very good children of all ages shall enjoy this
anonymous 2010-04-03
It's not the most complex game in the world...but very nicely designed! Well done, developers!
anonymous 2010-04-01
anonymous 2010-03-28
This game was a piece of cake!!!!!
anonymous 2010-03-28
Lovely little game, just my taste :)
anonymous 2010-03-27
Wonderful achievement! Bravo!
anonymous 2010-03-26
i dont like this game at all.
anonymous 2010-03-25
this game is stupid
anonymous 2010-03-24
great...little short though...i like it
anonymous 2010-03-23
this game is osome im johns cousin it is asome like pie(:(
anonymous 2010-03-23
it was hard on the first level but i got the walthrough . i cold do it with my eyes closed (:
anonymous 2010-03-22
wonderful games!!!!!
anonymous 2010-03-21
Really, really good game!!
anonymous 2010-03-21
this game is so ADDICTING!!! i just keep playing it over and over!
anonymous 2010-03-20
it is a very good game..... by the look i suck at it i cant even get passed the part were you just wack up:
anonymous 2010-03-16
really really great game...the very best browser game i've ever played...nice story, wonderful graphics music - AWESOME!!!! more of this please!!!
anonymous 2010-03-06
Little Wheel is a delightful game with great graphics. I have only one criticism, but even that was altered after letting my three year old granddaughter take the mouse and that is the lack pleasure in solving the puzzles without the heavy guidance from white circles. For myself, as an avid point and click game player, the challenge was missing. However, just as I was finishing the game (and I did enjoy it!) my three year old granddaughter came into the room and I asked if she could play. After a few short lessons on the use of the mouse she was able, with much delight, to guide Little Wheel through the steps needed to "help everyone" as she put it. So, my final critique: a really nice game, great graphics, great learning tool for little ones both in mouse basics and an introduction to point and click games.
anonymous 2010-03-03
nevermind but that game is soooo fun them graphics are soooo great but it was really short but any way byee
anonymous 2010-03-03
when i put the code in i cant get the the one thing to come up it beeps and turns red
anonymous 2010-03-02
i love the game but a little to short but who cares not me i love it awsome.:D
anonymous 2010-03-01
i think the game is awsome but the brige is hard
anonymous 2010-03-01
still good thouh
anonymous 2010-03-01
boring couse it is so short
anonymous 2010-03-01
Good Game, but too short. Make the second part. Congratulations
anonymous 2010-03-01
Hey! I couldn't play it! A huge square, colored like the background keeps appearing in the left higher corner of the screen, thus I can't click anything useful, just walk the robot from left to right on the patrol tower. Halp?
anonymous 2010-02-28
COOOL!!! Respect to creators!
anonymous 2010-02-27
very easy game i wish ithad part 2
anonymous 2010-02-26
LOVein it!
anonymous 2010-02-25
anonymous 2010-02-22
pretty fun and quite stressing
anonymous 2010-02-21
it takes for ever to load
anonymous 2010-02-17
heehee what a cute robot, he saved the day!! for some reason, the part where you must get intop the factory where the generator is was the best part. something about pushing a button, and getting punched by the guard robot, unplugging guard robot, pushing the button- was so endearing :D
anonymous 2010-02-14
Your the best game!))
anonymous 2010-02-08
anonymous 2010-02-07
good game! its the best
anonymous 2010-02-06
Awesome puzzle...make more
anonymous 2010-02-01
anonymous 2010-02-01
good game
anonymous 2010-01-30
i like diss
anonymous 2010-01-30
Awesome game. Love the graphics, the music and the story. Really looking forward for part 2.
anonymous 2010-01-29
its tha bomb like tik tik
anonymous 2010-01-28
Excellent job my friend! Keep on designing we expect part 2 and other sequels!
anonymous 2010-01-25
easy game
anonymous 2010-01-25
A fantastic little way to spend 5 minutes. Almost an interactive story as much as a game, being that the puzzles are simple and really just come down to using things in the right order. But it also has great style and is quite funny too. Really scratches the Wall-E itch.
anonymous 2010-01-25
My 11 year old son and me think this game is awesome, we didn't use the walkthrough there's no need, great for a lunchtime quick game to chill too if you work at a pc.
anonymous 2010-01-24
Reminds me a lot of Machinarium. Great game though.
anonymous 2010-01-23
This is why PC games will never die! Keep it up OneClickDog. We need more Little Wheels.
anonymous 2010-01-23
Great fun... even better I played it on the PS3!!!
anonymous 2010-01-22
i have completed this game 21 times
anonymous 2010-01-19
Beautiful design, sweet idea.. I'm a bit surprised there was a walk through, the white circles pretty much work as one.
anonymous 2010-01-13
simple but nice style and music!!! :)
anonymous 2010-01-13
awesome game
anonymous 2010-01-13
Nice game! Stylish graphic...but too $hort!
anonymous 2010-01-08
awesome game!!!! wish it was longer:(
anonymous 2010-01-08
this game was awsome, yet simple 5/5
anonymous 2010-01-03
cool game. 3rd best game i played.
anonymous 2010-01-01
This game is very fun. i lik it
anonymous 2009-12-31
the game was neat, great simple grphics and design, but i was wishing for some puzzles along the way ... or maybe some more difficulty. anyway great game experience.
anonymous 2009-12-30
a genius made this game , funny, cool, a special graphic , just amazing , ofc. it could be longer but its a flash game .... hope the inventer of this game make real games too .... greets to all who luv this game grüße alle die das spiel gut bzw. toll fanden , ich finds auch sehr gut! privet wsem kto dumajet 4to eto xoroshaja igra ;) k , i think 3 languages are enough to greets all "luvers" of this game :D und grüße an Simon und Budi ! macht weiter so "game one" is toll!
anonymous 2009-12-28
anonymous 2009-12-28
Very beautifull! I love it! (from Japan)
anonymous 2009-12-27
its crap
anonymous 2009-12-24
Best Game ;D
anonymous 2009-12-22
love this game :D
anonymous 2009-12-22
You know it won the price for the best browsergame at the (german) MTV Game Awards? They say it´s much too short and of corse they are right... just like you :)
anonymous 2009-12-21
Sehr geiles game... bitte 10000000 levels mehr!! ich würd mir das game sofort kaufen wenn es mehr level hat...
anonymous 2009-12-20
anonymous 2009-12-18
Hier mal eine Deutsche Bewertung. Das Spiel ist leider viel zu kurz :(. Aber ich muss den anderen Recht geben. Ein wirkliches Meisterwerk. Dieses zu erweitern und im großen Stil herzustellen dürfe auch für die Slovenen eigentlich nicht schwer sein.
anonymous 2009-12-17
best game ever! not long too bad
anonymous 2009-12-16
A little masterpiece...
anonymous 2009-12-14
I wish you would make a longer downloadable version. This is a great idea for a full computer game.
anonymous 2009-12-14
so it was really great suprise XD
anonymous 2009-12-12
anonymous 2009-12-12
It's funny.
anonymous 2009-12-09
un muy bien juego me gustaron los graficos y definitivamente la musica es un exito!!!!!! muy relajante!!! congrats!!! capto mi atencion este juego!!!!
anonymous 2009-12-08
Who plays the music in this game? I'm crazy for it, please help!!!!!
anonymous 2009-12-08
A game with a wonderful feeling of atmosphere
anonymous 2009-12-08
nice but short
anonymous 2009-12-08
great and pretty but short :(
anonymous 2009-12-07
Love it but too fast over ;)
anonymous 2009-12-06
this game is so funny and cool.
anonymous 2009-12-06
a wonderful game! Love it!
anonymous 2009-12-06
this style is so cool^^. love this game :)
anonymous 2009-12-04
classic music!!
anonymous 2009-12-03
anonymous 2009-12-03
Love the style
anonymous 2009-12-01
i know
anonymous 2009-11-30
plus the robot you play as takes severe beatings throughout the game. HOW DUZ HE SURVIVE?!?!
anonymous 2009-11-30
this game is so cool im playing it over and over i comment the creator for the graphic desighn on the robots, music, and 3d come-out-to-you-:D action
anonymous 2009-11-30
anonymous 2009-11-28
Nice game!!
anonymous 2009-11-27
to put the right buttons in the first level you have to turn off the other buttons to continue.
anonymous 2009-11-23
This game is great great great but so short.... :( Will it continue?
anonymous 2009-11-22
this game is fun I past the ho game
anonymous 2009-11-22
this game is slow it tels u wat to do and its to short
anonymous 2009-11-22
i keep on putting in the right but it wont let me
anonymous 2009-11-20
its awesome
anonymous 2009-11-19
Had a great time with this game. It has a very classy and artistic feel. I could've used with a change in elevator music though.
anonymous 2009-11-19
it is so nice)) a very cleaver little robot. althought, this is a very good idea to create a big game
anonymous 2009-11-19
dis game iz 2 borin
anonymous 2009-11-15
its cool!
anonymous 2009-11-14
It`s wonderful art.
anonymous 2009-11-13
Stylish and charming little game: very short, but definitely sweet. Maybe I'm just biased towards robots and point n' clicks, though...
anonymous 2009-11-13
hard but cool game aye guys.
anonymous 2009-11-13
O end dont forget im from macedonia!!! :D :D
anonymous 2009-11-13
this is good game eazy game but good intresting game a !!!
anonymous 2009-11-12
anonymous 2009-11-12
very nice game i give it 4/5 because it is too easy!
anonymous 2009-11-12
anonymous 2009-11-12
too short and to easy!
anonymous 2009-11-11
hard in first part i cant pass
anonymous 2009-11-08
haha i loved this game it was amayzing.way too easy though. oh weell.LOVE IT!=D
anonymous 2009-11-07
wonderfull music
anonymous 2009-11-07
this i awsome but needs to be harder
anonymous 2009-11-06
Classy!... I Like!!
anonymous 2009-11-04
Very nice game!!!
anonymous 2009-11-04
So easy!!
anonymous 2009-11-03
nice work, good feeli´n, thanks, go on like that
anonymous 2009-11-02
Very nice game!!! Simple but nice...
anonymous 2009-11-01
lol i just started
anonymous 2009-11-01
this is a aewsome game
anonymous 2009-10-31
yipee im a hero!
anonymous 2009-10-31
it is to easy.
anonymous 2009-10-30
i beat it hoorah the robots live
anonymous 2009-10-30
I really loved the graphics, but it was too easy, you should try and make it a bit harder. Still liked the game though.
anonymous 2009-10-30
that was like the coolest game in the whole entire world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i loved it yall need to maake a little wheel 2 that was awesome dudes ~btw tyler is not my name~ ;)
anonymous 2009-10-28
i got it done in 5secens.
anonymous 2009-10-27
i cant even get past the first bit. howd u do it?
anonymous 2009-10-26
it's a good game but wtf it's childs play it tells you what to do...thats stupid
anonymous 2009-10-26
can't wait to play it hopoe it is good
anonymous 2009-10-24
Very nice =D
anonymous 2009-10-24
i love the game my compliments
anonymous 2009-10-24
wonderfull world. i like this
anonymous 2009-10-23
anonymous 2009-10-21
Freaking awesome great story and great graphics there should be a part 2 though.
anonymous 2009-10-21
I put in the right password at the beging and it still did not work
anonymous 2009-10-20
how it works?
anonymous 2009-10-20
more please. It is fantastic.
anonymous 2009-10-18
surreal, fantastic, music okkkkk!
anonymous 2009-10-15
Vote this Game at mtvgameawards . de its a great game... keep the work up
anonymous 2009-10-15
This game is awesome, especially after school! This is the future of flash games! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
anonymous 2009-10-13
Really lovely graphics with a nice retrò style. Thanks!
anonymous 2009-10-10
well it is hard at part one
anonymous 2009-10-09
the game is good
anonymous 2009-10-08
Very nice! Love the graphics, love the good old point and click puzzles..they should make more of them! Thnx a lot!
anonymous 2009-10-07
awesome...a short game that's really impressing. it's a beautiful graphic. excellent guys.
anonymous 2009-10-05
I usually don' like flash games, but your Little Wheel was rally a surprise! Its graphic style is very cool, so as the jazz soundtrack, and robots are really cute like only Pixar's Wall-E was. I appreciated it very much. This is the way flash games can combine style and ideas in a short and simple experience.
anonymous 2009-10-05
I just love it, it needs to be longer,is there a part 2
anonymous 2009-10-02
this world(+game) is amazing! thanks!
anonymous 2009-10-01
Bellissimo, molto affascinante la sua atmosfera noir e simpatici i personaggi, complimenti ottima intuizione!
anonymous 2009-09-28
Superb, really atmospheric.
anonymous 2009-09-28
it's a great game :) i love it so much. PART 2 PLEASE???
anonymous 2009-09-27
needs to be longer
anonymous 2009-09-27
little wheal is awsom!!!!! i wunt more
anonymous 2009-09-27
its confusing
anonymous 2009-09-27
needs to be longer
anonymous 2009-09-26
wow this gameing is.... game ever
anonymous 2009-09-24
nice graphics nice sound nice story whatelse do you want
anonymous 2009-09-23
way to much fun more levels please
anonymous 2009-09-22
Please put a part 2?
anonymous 2009-09-22
This game is good that i can't stop playing it
anonymous 2009-09-22
anonymous 2009-09-22
Please can we have another 'Chapter'..??? A wonderful game.
anonymous 2009-09-22
I would love to see another one of this, this game is amazing...
anonymous 2009-09-21
No joke that was really fun i wish u had more to play
anonymous 2009-09-20
very creative!nice caracter.but a little too short.i want more!!! :)
anonymous 2009-09-20
i got passed all the levels
anonymous 2009-09-19
little wheel is cool!
anonymous 2009-09-19
Why wount it be liltle wheel 2
anonymous 2009-09-18
make a part 2 its awesome
anonymous 2009-09-18
nvm lol
anonymous 2009-09-18
i do the right code but it always blink red
anonymous 2009-09-17
Never would have gotten through w/o the walk through. Clumsy little thing made me chuckle.
anonymous 2009-09-17
I love this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
anonymous 2009-09-17
A really cool and relaxed game! And I like the music ;)
anonymous 2009-09-13
there should be a little wheel 2
anonymous 2009-09-13
Adorable. There is a walkthrough if you can't figure out the simple puzzles
anonymous 2009-09-13
i cant get off the elevator thing
anonymous 2009-09-07
make a part two i loved this game it had a nice feel to it .and it did also reminded me of wall-e.8D
anonymous 2009-09-04
Nice game
anonymous 2009-09-03
absolutely silly game
anonymous 2009-09-02
Wow that was cool i like the cut robit
anonymous 2009-09-01
Brilliant!!!! Awesome art style, excellent animation. Loved it!!
anonymous 2009-09-01
Absolutely amazing. -the style of graphics -the story -the jazz Wow, quite possibly the most enthrawling game I've ever played
anonymous 2009-08-31
Classy little gem ! Next stop ipod !!
anonymous 2009-08-30
me gusto el juego muy bueno y divertido
anonymous 2009-08-29
Breathtakin' ! Reminded me of Abe's Exoddus and/or Oddyssey. With a style of graphics... so beautiful... i cannot describe. Really awesome. I'm very impressed.
anonymous 2009-08-28
Awwwh, It's a cute little game! ^_^
anonymous 2009-08-27
nice! lil' robot saves the world!
anonymous 2009-08-26
nice work, made me smile
anonymous 2009-08-25
Excellent game, if a little short. Really good graphics and animation.
anonymous 2009-08-24
it's hard
anonymous 2009-08-22
excelent graphics and idea
anonymous 2009-08-21
little whels is so great
anonymous 2009-08-19
you are right this is great. It reminds me of JAspar too. The visuals really grabbed me, I'm not a game player at all usually, but saw the icon link on a friend's site and had to try it! It also reminds me of Wall-E. Brilliant!!!
anonymous 2009-08-18
this game is great!
anonymous 2009-08-16
Graphics have very neat steam punk theme. Reminds me of "The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morello."

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