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On The Run

Avoid the "Corporation" vans who will do anything to stop you. Follow the Signs to escape. You need to get through 2 tunnels to open the Railway crossing. Once the crossing is open, head through and keep following the signs until you have crossed the second railway crossing and made it to safety. Use ARROW KEYS to move, SPACE BAR to use HANDBRAKE. Collect the M's to get more FUEL and the SPANNERS to REPAIR your car.

Size: 1.73 MB
Rating: 85%
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 ● COMMENTS (44)
esmerlady 2012-04-23
cutie5216 2012-02-07
i love this game so much i am soooo winng
death 2011-11-18
I lost... a lot oh well 3/5 lost points for glitches
rosalie00 2011-07-24
i love it! :) :)
olol8 2011-06-08
mint best in t world
rosalie00 2011-05-08
i was so close to the end! but i didnt make it (sad face)
rosalie00 2011-05-08
this game is 3D and awesome! no downloads needed!
MRchucho23 2011-04-28
on the run from cops hahahahahahahahahah
MissMeganRuth 2011-02-22
I love this game but I keep crashing or getting beaten up :) !!!!!!!
jessica123 2011-02-15
i love this dayummmmmm game!!
Wolverineg89 2011-02-13
i love it accept the crashing into you can get annoying
kinghero45 2011-01-20
how do ya win
thedoctorwho1 2010-11-27
i might say it's cool but the reason is that i have not played it yet
Bandicoot23 2010-05-18
I love this game ive Nearly finished but i keep on losing at the end
anonymous 2010-04-23
this game is allsum
anonymous 2010-03-17
i luv this game
anonymous 2010-03-14
game idis s boring
anonymous 2010-03-10
this game rocks
anonymous 2010-03-01
this game is stupid ! -**taylorr(:
anonymous 2010-02-26
omg best game on the planet my fav!
anonymous 2010-02-22
fun but easy
anonymous 2010-02-17
the fing game cliches to much
anonymous 2010-02-05
this game rocks
anonymous 2010-01-26
smockin hot
anonymous 2010-01-13
this game is so dummmmmmmm
anonymous 2010-01-13
anonymous 2010-01-13
anonymous 2010-01-12
anonymous 2010-01-09
play me on x box 360 live right now ow this game is alright
anonymous 2009-12-29
this is so coool to me
anonymous 2009-12-29
it depends if a person like me who plays COD its boring but for a person who plays ametuer games he would like. So its a good game and i guess its gd. Its challenging thumbs up !!
anonymous 2009-12-29
anonymous 2009-12-23
this game ROCKS!!!!!!! I love it
anonymous 2009-12-19
I do not like that game.
anonymous 2009-12-07
its fun, lotsa bugs tho, its pretty easy once youve played it once or twice 2... fun overall!
anonymous 2009-12-04
This game is really cool....
anonymous 2009-12-02
I love this game
anonymous 2009-11-26
we just beat the game and have tried to beat it for 2 weeks and it is so fun we r always screaming and talking about the norwegian kid with torrettes . [its on youtube) lmao.
anonymous 2009-11-23
quit getting on top of me you stupid black and wgite vans!!!!
anonymous 2009-11-20
this game makes me so mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!
anonymous 2009-11-07
very well designed and great fun! but as someone has said before, its a pity they didnt make a greater effort to iron out its many bugs.
anonymous 2009-10-06
awsome I won :) end wasnt so good thou
anonymous 2009-10-05
wooow i love dis game exspasally wen the cars just pop uhp behind u and hit u
anonymous 2009-09-13
this game is rigged, they slam you, in the wall, dont play it, its way to fucked up.

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