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Click all the sleepy blocks, but be careful not to wake them!

Size: 1.37 MB
Rating: 89%
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 ● COMMENTS (65)
blobby123 2015-05-07
ziad48 2014-07-29
i don't like when someone wakes me up when I'm tired !
chocinfo 2014-06-30
Level 12 is hard
chocinfo 2014-06-29
I love sleeping
chocinfo 2014-06-01
Sleepy lol
angrybirds 2014-04-22
epicguy 2014-04-09
lolzor 2013-07-06
dis game makes me sleepy
Taker 2013-02-04
i can't do the level 11 it's hard.
MrzRocRoyal1 2012-09-29
Cant qet Pass 9 OMG ITZ HARD
Beejay 2012-09-08
the only thing i ike about this game is the music nd the wy they yell at you when they wake up... the funness level is low but the gaphics are good along with the audio
jjwood 2012-03-16
The game quite easy and,thus,boring.Its like "Red Remover" and "Don't wake up the Box" put together.
soccer311 2012-02-26
Victor000 2012-01-16
easy game
TheScareParade 2011-12-08
still the best game, for all the best reasons.
NumaNumaDoll 2011-04-15
Aidanha 2011-03-25
Hello world!
xsh4nn0nx 2010-07-03
This Game is easy but it dosent load
anonymous 2010-04-23
its hard to get past lv 14 init but it wont stop me by the way cubone is a pockemon and his my fab one hanter is my second.Go on google on imogis. sorry about my spelling i carnt help it :():
anonymous 2010-04-23
its easy and fun have a go. but it is a bit boring tho but you will gust carry on playing gooooooooooood luck :)
anonymous 2010-04-19
Thanks who evr helped me. :)
anonymous 2010-04-16
i have crabz
anonymous 2010-04-13
Reset level 11 until more of the blocks fall under the clouds. It's those clouds that make 11 so hard. Then 12 through 15 are relatively easy.
anonymous 2010-04-11
This game is pretty easy but i cant get past Lvl 11! can anybody help me please?
anonymous 2010-03-19
it's boring but i beat it
anonymous 2010-03-17
this game is pretty easy
anonymous 2010-03-15
when you get to level 11 it is harder than a 14 year old boy!
anonymous 2010-03-12
i done the game its not hard at all
anonymous 2010-03-11
its hard hahah
anonymous 2010-03-05
ur ryte andrew dis gamez boring
anonymous 2010-02-28
so easy i made it to lvl 8029
anonymous 2010-02-15
this game is soo booooooring
anonymous 2010-01-31
This game is FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
anonymous 2010-01-31
Dis game is very easy.
anonymous 2010-01-29
lvl 14/15 kinda hard. but pretty fking easy.
anonymous 2010-01-26
i like it but how do you do level 1
anonymous 2010-01-06
this game is so cute i am 8 turning nine on may 31
anonymous 2009-12-30
once again i have found an interesting game the phisics are all wack but it is very interesting
anonymous 2009-12-24
i like this game but i cant get past level 15....any advice?
anonymous 2009-12-12
lv15 is a piece of cake
anonymous 2009-12-09
I can't get past 12! Stupid blocks.
anonymous 2009-12-09
I got to lv 14 ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha lola ha
anonymous 2009-11-24
dat game was fun u guys suck or u just can play
anonymous 2009-11-24
Ugh, takes too long for the game to reset when you redo the level. Shhhhhhhhhhhh for like 30 seconds on level 14 because the game can't do the physics right.
anonymous 2009-11-19
this game sucks
anonymous 2009-11-10
Hmmm... EASY AS EATING BROCCOLLI (which is very hard for me) BLEH I HATE BROCCOLLI!!
anonymous 2009-11-10
im only on level 12
anonymous 2009-10-22
I think the recuring colors are what makes the game difficult... without that, the game would be dead easy.
anonymous 2009-10-21
The game seems fixated on recuring colors. I have lost many games on every or every other color being the same. A better random generator of colors would help.
anonymous 2009-10-21
Not too difficult once you get the hang of it...
anonymous 2009-10-19
Wow! I finally finished level 15.
anonymous 2009-10-18
I love this game. It's so cute! Just can't get past level 14 yet. :)
anonymous 2009-10-16
this game is so borin when u get to lvl 10
anonymous 2009-10-16
i can beat lvl 9 its easy
anonymous 2009-10-16
i cant get past level 9 on this stupid game!!!!!!lol :):):):):):):):):)?)>):)?):):):)?)):):) dont you laugh at me
anonymous 2009-10-06
They stay "angry" far too long on the later levels making it damn near impossible to beat some of them without pure luck
anonymous 2009-09-19
it gets harder but it is still really kool
anonymous 2009-09-13
oii esse jogo mt legal amei !!!!
anonymous 2009-09-09
It is a very relaxing game.. but pity one cannot save the level and has to start all over again. Thanks
anonymous 2009-08-25
borinnnngggggggggggg ; every level is the same except the timer goes down quicker in the higher levels. strangely addicting
anonymous 2009-08-25
it a really cool game its fun and even cute lol
anonymous 2009-08-24
anonymous 2009-08-23
this is such a random game. gives me something to do tho, so therefore its good :P i like pie :)
anonymous 2009-08-16
Wooo I've passed it! Lovely games ^^
anonymous 2009-08-16
They're so tender!! but how's difficult the 15th step!

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