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About me: I am a Gamer Named Jason

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2014-06-21 - Be Ready - these games take no skill 0 deaths beat that
2014-06-09 - Disaster Will Strike 3 - I don't like drowning the eggs they look so sad and then scary :(
2014-06-07 - Age of Wonder - I have spread knowledge across the land this game is easy to beat in less than 10 mins good fastgame
2014-01-12 - Castle Wars 2 - Russell I'm a boss at this game challenge me somtime this game is awsome
2014-01-12 - Disposabot - Whats up party people haven't been on this site in a long time any recommendations aokavalas?
2013-10-11 - Ninja Land - What is the point of playing these begamer games they tell you exactly what to do the only difference in this one is it give you a time limit to do it in WORST GAMES EVER
2013-10-10 - Brutality - this game needs more upgrades or make them harder to get I was maxed out before the 7th lvl and only played 10 minutes and the game is only 33% done
2013-10-09 - ATV Champions - Great game so far looks kinda short I'm surprised it only has 2 likes good concept reminds me of Mario Go Kart Racing
2013-09-27 - Mr Vengeance Act 2 - it was lagging a bit for me then I changed the size of the game screen by clicking the minus magnified glass button a couple times and it was back to normal not quite as big of a screen to play on but no lag
2013-09-02 - Crash Town - I cant get it to work just black page and loads for a split second